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  • Randy Gerlach

Why Brooks winning the PGA Championship doesn’t mean anything for LIV

Photo: Adam Cairns-USA TODAY Sports

Brooks Koepka is back. Now a five-time major champion and arguably the best major player since Tiger, BK summer is officially here. It's impossible to talk Koepka without also talking about LIV Golf and what this means for the future of the league.

While LIV has claimed a defending major champion since last August, when Cam Smith officially joined, Koepka is the first current member to win a major. If you’ve spent any time on golf twitter or tv since last Sunday, you’ve undoubtedly heard “what does this mean for LIV going forward?”

I’d argue the answer is: nothing.

Koepka becoming one of twenty players with five or more majors does nothing for LIV, despite how much the league and Greg Norman want to you think it does.

Koepka’s comments on his health factoring into is decision to join LIV are well documented, but he was already a four-time winner and exceptional big tournament player. Playing for LIV didn’t get him major tournament ready and based on his previous wins, there's no reason to think he wouldn’t be in the same form if he was playing on the PGA Tour. One could argue he’d potentially have played better on Sunday at The Masters had he been playing more consequential golf beforehand.

The more likely hope for LIV and its fans is to hope this win reminds golf fans of how good Koepka is and makes them interested in turning on the CW to watch him play. However, I’d have to think that’s unlikely. Koepka was obviously well known before heading to LIV, he had his fans and his detractors, but he certainly wasn’t a nobody. If you were a Brooks fan before last weekend, you likely already watched LIV events. Conversely, if you didn’t like Koepka, you likely don’t watch LIV and chances are this weekend didn’t change anything for you. Either way, I doubt this win brings any new eyes to the next event at Valderrama in a month’s time.

Perhaps the most accurate take away from this win is more singular than anything. Brooks Koepka is back and golf fans are left with the sad realty, that we only get to see Koepka playing against the best players in the world two more times this year.

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